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A limited time offer to support garden centre retailers to continue advertising for the long-term embracing the new challenges that Covid-19 has swept through the globeJust 8% of consumers expect brands to cut advertising, so there’s little risk of it being read as insensitive. The risks of going dark by cutting back costs radically can be huge in the long-term, even if you feel there is little short-term effect on growth or ROI. Therefore marketing costs need to be low and content needs to be relevant, inspiring and glorious to the eye because ultimately we need to keep your customers loving your brand!

It is important to use effective email communication strategies. Research tells us that talking about how your brand (and products) are helpful in the new everyday, keeping customers informed about the brand's reaction to the new situation and offering a reassuring tone are key drivers towards brand confidence in consumers.

With significant investment and rapid adoption to web shops and online selling in the industry than ever seen before it is essential to maintain the momentum and have the ability to change the messaging approach at the flick of a switch. Email marketing to an engaged audience, themselves more in tune with this way of communicating than ever before, offers just that opportunity - if executed and developed correctly.

Email marketing for garden centres always requires the enthusiasm for the physical visit, the experience of shopping at a destination centre but the recent lockdown and implementation of social distancing measures has seen the need to link into the email strategy routes to promote immediate online purchasing.

Effectively, with our work in garden centre retail marketing with independent owner managed garden centres across the UK and since 2006, we have seen it all. Recession, storms, early heatwaves and water shortages, inclement weather periods at key seasons, freak storms, Brexit, suppliers closing, management buyouts, Wyevale takeovers and then buy backs and now Covid-19. We have piloted and witnessed volumes of ideas and strategies poured into attracting the customer during uncertain times and these insights and the way we can react quickly by using email marketing is a positive step to gaining competitor advantage.

Work with us!
  • We have worked on email marketing for garden centres since 2006

  • Our average open rates for garden centre emails is over 50%

  • Tapping into our experience to provide insight and relevance for key content

  • We just get on with it leaving you and your team free to focus on core activities

"access to Spring's huge experience in what works and all the resources to pull it together into a compelling email makes life easier than starting from a blank page"

  • Our design is professional relying on a creative team who have extensive industry experience in garden centre creative marketing design.

  • We learn from our garden centre clients and pass this along through collaborating ideas using discretion and confidentiality.

  • We know your customer base, we have spent years getting to understand them!

An industry exclusive invitation limited to a handful of garden centres only. First come, first reserved. Don't miss your chance, call Vanessa 01903 790290 or email vanessa@springmarketing.co.uk to discover more.

Case studies and examples of our email marketing work available on request.


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